One Less Myth

Tracking the Biden Administration

$1.9T American Rescue Plan (ARP)

No Republicans in Congress voted for the plan.

Kicked off the fastest economic recovery in history.

$1.4kper person
$1400 Stimulus Checks - ARP

Added on to the $600 stimulus check previously approved to meet Biden's promise of $2k in stimulus to help people hurting from the recession

Expanded Child Tax Credit - ARP

Removed work requirements. Reduced child poverty by 50% in 2021. Senator Manchin blocked extending it.

CovidPaid Leave
Emergency Paid Leave - ARP

Created a tax credit for employers who offered paid sick and family leave benefits.

Food Stamp Benefit Increase - ARP

Extended a 15% increase in food stamp benefits until Sept. 2021

Weekly Unemployment Benefits - ARP

Extended the expanded $300 weekly unemployment benefits

Repealed Corporate Tax Loopholes - ARP

Repealed tax loopholes like executive compensation, multinational corporation interest expenses to generate an additional $60b in increased tax revenues

Small Business Grants - ARP

$55b in small business grants for payroll support, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues

Federal Assistance for Budget Shortfalls - ARP

Opening Schools and Colleges Safely - ARP

Funding for improved ventilation, buy PPE, reduce class size, and fund programs to counteract learning loss.

Housing Assistance for Renters, Homeowners, and Homelessness - ARP
COVID Funding - ARP
>$164b in COVID funds for testing, manufacturing, vaccines, distribution, PPE, etc.
Appointed pro-labor majority to NLRB board
UnionsTask Force
Created task force to promote unionization
VP Harris, and Labor Secretary led the task force. On February 7th, 2022, the task force released a report detailing 70 recommendations to promote organizing and collective bargaining around the country.
Restored Collective Bargaining Rights for Federal Employees
Executive Order restoring collective bargaining rights for federal employees.
Invested $1B to help small meat processors compete and lower prices
Largest SNAP Benefit Increase In History
Minimum Wage Increased for Federal Employees and Contractors
Expanded Assistance for Broadband Access
Made Student Loan Forgiveness Tax-free through 2025
Extended Student Loan Repayment through August 31st, 2022
No one has had to pay on their student loan while Biden has been in office. Interest accumulation has also been paused.
$16B Federal Student Loan Debt Has Been Forgiven
Reformed the forgiveness process, and expanded it as part of the American Rescue Plan to healthcare workers
First Latino and Immigrant Secretary of Homeland Security
Mass RaidsEnded
ICE ended workplace raids and is now focusing on abusive employers of undocumented workers
Racist BanEnded
Ended the "Muslim ban" implemented by previous administration
Set the goal of accepting 125k refugees in 2022, the highest in 30 years
Reuniting separated kids with families, and allowing families to stay in US
This is an ongoing process due to the fact that the previous administration didn't keep records on all of the kid's families, and many parents were deported
Green Cardban ended
Lifted moratorium on green cards and immigrant visas
Investing in addressing the root causes of migration.
The administration streamlined processing of unaccompanied minors to an average of 26 hours
Kids are no longer in cages, and are kept in CPB facilities only as long as needed to verify that they aren't being trafficked across the border
DHS processed re-entry 12k migrants who had previously been rejected by the previous administration
43MCredit Scores
Medical Debt removed from credit scores after pressure from CFPB
SurpriseMedical Billing
The No Surprises Act of 2022 bans surprise medical billing for emergency and out-of-network costs
Administration reached double their goal of delivering 100M vaccinations in first 100 days
1Bfree tests
Rolled out 1B free tests by mail once there were enough FDA approved tests
20KFree Testing Sites
Massive 20K free federal testing sites with a focus on equitable access
400MFree N95 Masks
US Distributed 400M N95 masks for free
US and G7 donating 2B Covid vaccine doses internationally
Administration invoked DPA for testing, PPE and vaccine production
US rejoined the World Health Organization
Extra 6 month special enrollment in 2021 for folks who missed shortened enrollment under previous administration
Insurance companies required to cover PrEP under ACA rules, including doctor’s visits and tests
FDA Allowing Abortion Pills to be mailed
The deficit was reduced by $1.7T, the largest annual decline in history
90 Federal Agencies first-ever Equity Plans, with 300 actionable items to promote equity
Ended our longest war, evacuating 120K people safely
The US military orchestrated one of the largest airlifts in history, while defending against ISIS-K terrorists.
Ended offensive military support of Saudis in Yemen war
The US continues to provide defensive weaponry to the region as they fight with Yemens against the Iranian-backed Houthis terrorists
Supported UN-mediated ceasefire agreement in April 2022
Trans BanEnded
Ended 2018 ban on trans soldiers in military
LimitedDrone Use
Required any drone strike outside of a war zone to get direct White House approval.
This action, combined with the ending of the US involvement in military conflicts has nearly eliminated all drone warfare and resulting civilian casualties
$250MPalestinian Aid
Restored $250m in humanitarian aid to Palestinians
FightingMilitary Extremism
DoD created new rule and measures to combat extremism in the military
PreventGlobal War
Worked to avoid a global war while exerting pressure on Russia for Ukraine invasion
132Judge Nominations
132 Federal Judge Nominations as of July 2022
Record Diversity in Judicial Appointments
EliminatingPrivate Prisons
Banned new federal contracts with private prisons
Use of ForceReform
Banned chokeholds and limited no-knock raids on federal law enforcement
Investigations resumed into local police departments for constitutional violations
Revoked ban on Federal Diversity Training
Doubled DOJ Civil Rights Division staff
AG Garland issued a moratorium on federal executions in death penalty cases
This is a moratorium while a review of death penalty methods is conducted
$39BPublic Transit
Largest investment in public transit in history
Largest investment in passenger rail since Amtrak creation
Largest investment in bridges since interstate highway system was created
$55BClean Water
Largest investment in clean drinking water, lead pipe removal and waste water infrastructure in history
$72.5BClean Energy
Largest investment in clean energy transmission, Electric Buses, and EV infrastructure in history
$11BSafe Streets
Doubled funding for street safety initiatives like Safe Streets for All program
$1BRestoring Divides
$1B to reconnect neighborhoods divided by highways
$21B for Environmental Remediation
$65B for Broadband expansion
$42BOther Transport
$42B for Airports, Ports, and Waterways
$50BClimate Resiliency
$50B to address impact of climate change in communities
2021 set a new record for clean energy deployment, powering 10M more homes
OffshoreWind Farms
Approved 1st Offshore Wind Farm in federal waters, expedited approvals
Set goal of reducing US greenhouse gas emissions 50% below 2005 levels in next 8 years
Created the National Climate Task Force, including entire Cabinet on it
Goal of Zero Emissions from federal vehicles(600K), buildings(300K), and all procurement($650B) in next decades
Goal of 100% carbon pollution-free electricity in next 8 years
20Climate Plans
20 Federal Agencies released their plans to address climate issues
Rejoined the Paris Agreement
EPA and DOT raising efficiency standards. Can reduce carbon pollution by 2 billions tons
Created first Environmental Justice Advisory Council to ensure climate change work addresses equity disparities
Cancelled Keystone XL Pipeline permit
$1.1B for Everglade Restoration
DOE sets goal to reduce solar costs by 60% in next 8 years
Title IXProtection
DOE prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ+ students
Birthright citizenship is extended to kids of gay couples
XGender Marker
State Department allows a non-binary gender marker on passports
TSA revamps screenings to reduce trans discrimination
HHS release website with resources to help LGBTQ+ folks with healthcare discrimination
GenderAffirming Care
Multiple HHS and DoE agencies release educational resources on gender affirming care
XGender Marker
EEO, White House, DoE implementing X gender markers across records and applications
$10M in budget for research on adding questions about orientation and gender identity to Census
Shelter RuleWithdrawn
Withdrew the "Shelter Rule" which would have allowed discrimination against homeless transgender folks
14% of the administration appointees identify as LGBTQ+
Minority Business Development Agency made permanent, expanded power and funding
Set goal of 50% of federal procurement from minority-owned business to narrow wealth gap
HUD is leading an inter-agency effort to address racial bias in home appraisals
SystemicRacial Disparity
The administration has launched a whole of government to address the issues resulting from systemic racial discrimination
Lowest unemployment rate since 1969
A record 9M jobs created since beginning of administration as of July 2022
Economy grew 5.7%, fastest year since 1984
Holiday sales increased 21% over 2019
818 people have been charged by the DoJ for rioting during the 1/6 insurrection
Abortion AccessExecutive Order
Ordered federal agencies to do everything in their power to expand access, and awareness of legal options
Task Forceon Reproductive Rights
Established a task force to go after states and providers who violate federal law with actions or legislative overreach.
25%Investment Tax Credit
CHIPS Act incentive for semiconductor manufacturing in the US
CHIPS manufacturing grants, research investments and tax credits for semiconductors
$25BEconomic Opportunity Coalition
VP Harris coordinated 24 private institutions committing to investing in minority communities
100KUkraine Refugees
Accepted 100,000 refugees from Ukraine in 5 months
Signed Safer Community Act to reduce gun violence
Postal ServiceReform
Removed pre-funding mandate, require performance tracking
40%EV Vehicles
Post Office increases it's EV purchases to 40% of it's new vehicles
$800/yrLower Premiums
Average annual savings in healthcare costs for 13 million people
Prescription costs for seniors on Medicare is capped at $2000/yr
Requires insurance companies to refund money if they raise prices at a greater rate than costs increase
$15%Corporate Minimum Tax
Ensures biggest corporations pay their fair share
Plans to raise $124B more in revenue by strengthening the IRS and hiring more auditors
Allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices
40%Emissions Reduction
IRA puts us on track to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030
10 yrsTax Credits
10 years of consumer tax credits for heat pumps, solar, and electric HVAC
$9BConsumer Rebates
$9B in consumer home energy rebates
$7500EV Tax Credit
Electric Vehicle Tax Credit upt to $7500
$10BClean Tech Factories
$10B to build clean technology manufacturing facilities domestically
$30BUtility Investment
$30B in loans and grants for states and utilities to transition to clean electricity
$27BClean Energy Tech Accelerator
$27B to deploy technologies that reduce emissions, especially in disadavantaged areas
$20BClean Agricultural practices
$20B to help farmers implement climate-friendly practices
$20BCrime Prevention
Proposed: Investing in services that address causes of crime
$12BTo Hire Officers
Proposed: Funding the hiring and training of 100,000 community-oriented police officers