One Less Myth

Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask doesn't protect me!
A review of 172 studies from 16 countries by the WHO supports wearing masks and social distancing to reduce the spread of Covid-19
Well the CDC and the WHO said we shouldn't, and then changed their mind. How can we really trust them?
Two things...
1. There is a lot yet to learn about this new disease. Scientists are continually learning more each day. That is why recommendations have and will change
It's not that they are always right. It is that they have the best available data, and are making the best recommendations based on the science and the realities of society
2. The original recommendation not to wear masks wasn't because they couldn't help, but because we didn't have enough masks for everyone. If they had said masks helped, medical professionals who had the highest risk of infection would not have had the PPE they needed to treat the cases that existed. That was an unfortunate reality
What if they do more research and find out masks don't really help?
We already have a lot of information to the contrary now, which is different from the early days when we had less conclusive data. So it's unlikely we'll find contradicting data proving them useless
Even if we did, wearing a mask now has no risk. If it protects, that's great. If it doesn't, no harm done!
I read an article that said they don't really protect me
There is a lot of bad information out there, but no reputable source says that masks are dangerous
It is true that a mask does more to protect others than it does you. But it still does offer some protection to you!
If it just protects others, why should I have to wear one if I'm not sick?
Because we know that people can be contagious without symptoms, which means you could be spreading the virus unknowingly
The more each of us do to prevent the spread of the virus, the safer we are as well
Well I shouldn't be forced to wear one. What about my rights?
Our rights should never allow us to harm others. Refusing to wear a mask and social distance represents significant potential harm to others
Our freedom and rights mean nothing in a society ravaged by disease
I have a condition and can't wear a mask
No, you don't
This is all just a political thing. It's about control and fear
It has become a political thing unfortunately. But that doesn't change the fact that masks are an important part of controlling the spread of this virus
We also have seen that states that enacted mask mandates reduced their rate of cases.
Taking this simple action could prevent future lockdowns, and the havoc they cause on our economy.
Anyone of any political leaning would see that as a win!