One Less Myth

Knowing God

Is there anything we know about God that hasn't been told to us by other humans?
I see God in nature, in the beauty of the mountains and streams and flowers
Many people can look at those same sights and walk away with very different beliefs about what they mean
If you hadn't been told the world was created by a god, how would you know it was due to a god, let alone your god?
The complexity and beauty are signs of a creator
We project beauty onto things. It's why I may find a thing pretty, but you find it ugly
Complexity is a common argument for creation. But it's an idea we came up with to simplify a complex world
It's scary to we look at a vast universe of things we don't understand. It's comforting to just to fill in those gaps with a deity
But it's still only a belief proposed by humans
Well the Bible says that God speaks to humans through divine inspiration
That is indeed a claim made by the humans who wrote the Bible
Between the Bible and religious leaders, all we know about God is what someone else told us
It's attempting to explain a complex world with simple, untestable ideas
Isn't science just an attempt to explain a complex world?
The goal of science is to replace our ignorance with knowledge based on evidence
Not simply stories that can't be verified