One Less Myth

Ad Hominem Fallacy

Why would I care what a libtard snowflake has to say?
This is an excellent example of an "ad hominem" fallacy
It should go without saying that an idea can have merit no matter who supports it
I ain't gotta listen to some pansy who needs a safe space!
These "rebuttals" are popular when facts and reason fail
That's exactly what a commie cuck would say
They are generally a way of ending a conversation without admitting defeat
Ultimately when used as an insult, it tells us about the fragile ego of the insulter, and their relative ignorance on the topic at hand
Oh, I suppose you think you've got it all figured out!
Would you be insulting me if I didn't? ;)
Parting advice. If one must fling insults, do so with class and humor!