One Less Myth

The Perfect System

God created a perfect universe, which was then marred with sin
We'll assume it's true that God created the universe, for the sake of discussion
Let's define some terms first to make sure we're talking about the same things
Ok, great!
Sin is disobedience of the laws God has ordained, right?
Is there any act of rebellion that a finite human can do that can harm the all-powerful infinite creator of the universe?
No, of course not
Is it morally right to punish someone with eternal punishment for a finite crime?
Could an infinitely powerful creator have created a world without pain and suffering?
Yes, he did and then sin brough pain and suffering!
If sin is disobeying God, then he could have changed the rules to prevent the possibility of sin
He could have chosen to be a god who didn't punish people for not loving or believing in him for instance. Or lowered the standard to be acheivable by his limited creation
Well he's God, so he gets to make the rules
Of course, so do dictators. The question is whether those rules are good
Do humans have the ability to always choose good?
Yes! God gave us free will, and we're responsible for our choices
Well that is a little bit of a different question. Free will only matters if I always have the power to choose good
Besides the story of Jesus, has any human being ever always chosen good?
No, we all need God in order to choose good or be forgiven for not choosing good
So we are left with a deity who created a standard so high that no one could reach it, then threatens a punishment that is infinitely disproportionate to the crime, unless we worship and love and serve him
That is clearly an abusive relationship
There is no scenario where that is the action of a good god who created a perfect system