One Less Myth

Poverty and Laziness

People wouldn't be poor if they weren't so lazy!
There is no evidence that systemic laziness is the root cause for economic struggles in the US
But I know this person who...(Insert personal anecdote)
Let's remember that laziness is not a condition, but a judgment of someone's productivity
A person's value is not rooted in their productivity
Productivity is rooted in many factors, including mental and physical health, and external factors like opportunity, working conditions, racial discrimination
There you go making everything about race!
Well this claim is often a dog whistle about race, so it's a reasonable topic to address
Let's break that down
There is no evidence that Black people are less productive than white people. In fact quite the opposite
There are many issues that make it significantly harder for a Black person to achieve the same level of success a White person does
such as red lining
Cops aren't all racist. Black people just break the law more!
We're shifting the subject a bit, but let's have a conversation about that anyway