One Less Myth

False Equivalency

What is false equivalency?
It's often used as a way to link two things together incorrectly, or to paint with such a broad brush as to assert they are essentially the same in impact
Give me some examples
Let's say that I said "Horses and cats are essentially the same creature, because they both walk on four legs. That's why I feed my horse cat food"
I would be overlooking so many differences, and using one or two vague similarities to assert they are essentially the same, coming to a disastrous conclusion
Another example might be to say "I mean yeah, my favorite politician lies, but all of them do. That just comes with the job"
Again we see an element of truth. It does seem like all politicians have made statements that are later found to be inaccurate. But there is a vast difference between a politician who makes mistakes, or promises more than they can fulfill, and one who is intentionally trying to deceive their supporters (to use a specific example)
It's really tempting to dismiss things as being just as bad on both sides of a topic, but regardless of what we want to believe, facts still matter