One Less Myth


You can't claim to be tolerant, and then not tolerate the ideas of others!
We value tolerance because of the benefit it creates to society, right?
It depends on what you mean
Harm in society is reduced when we tolerate other people's right to exercise autonomy, when it doesn't represent significant harm to others
Ok, but that means we all need to tolerate each others ideas
If the goal of tolerance is to reduce harm, then it's not contradictory to refuse to tolerate ideas and actions that cause harm
But I do think that some liberal ideas are harmful!
Two things:
1. If something represents harm only to oneself, we can still respect others freedom to do it
2. It is not enough to believe something is harmful. We must have evidence that it is harmful to society, and that the harm it creates is greater than any potential harm of tolerating it
Justifying harm based on your religion or wordview alone does not rise to that standard.
But my religion/worldview would create a better society
Forcing others to live by your beliefs is a theocracy. If that doesn't sound so bad, we need only imagine living in a theocracy for a religion different from our own
If we are going to require others to live by a standard, it must be evidence-based and able to be modified when new evidence becomes available
I don't think me voicing my opinion causes harm to others
I have a right to free speech!
Yes, you do, but it's not an unlimited right.
That's a different topic though, so let's get into that in a separate conversation