One Less Myth

Religion and Responsibility

God created a universal, unquestionable moral standard
God said __, so I have to believe it
I don't hate __, but God says their actions are sinful and so I can't support them
All these statements have something in common
These statements are about power and responsibility
How do you figure that?
Statements like these shift responsibility from the speaker to their deity
They are used to demand impunity from the consequences. "I'm not a bigot, I have to reject gay people because god said so...", for instance
They are used to demand laws that go against everything we know about human behavior. Laws that cause immense harm to people who are forced to live by the beliefs of others
And those who demanded those laws are not required to take responsibility for the harm they cause
Instead supporters of laws against gay or trans folks, women's rights, people of other religions or countries deflect responsibility for the harmful effects of their laws to an elusive entity
Well they have a right to advocate for their deeply held beliefs!
They have a right to advocate for their beliefs. They do not have the right to demand others live by them
And if they use their power to force through laws that harm others, they cannot be allowed to escape the responsibility of that harm, simply because they shift the blame to an invisible magical being